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Joule (J)

It is a SI derived unit commonly used to describe a quantity of energy or energy content of a fuel. The Joule represents the work done (or energy expended) applying a force equal to 1 Newton for a distance of 1 meter. A common unit to describe the energy content of a fuel is the MJ (Mega Joule) which is equal to 1x106 J.



ORG (GLO) - Young stage of animals, usually up to the time they first become sexually mature. For fish usually between the postlarval stages up to the time they first become sexually mature. They are generally hardy at this stage. (FAOa) A young fish or animal that has not reached sexual maturity.

(FAOb, Fisheries Glossary, http://www.fao.org/fi/glossary/default.asp, accessed 23 September 2015.)