Source: European Commission JRC & Nova-Institut, BISO project - More information: DataM, scientific paper, Bioeconomy Report 2016

National Bioeconomy Strategy

Name Year Status
Bioeconomy in Flanders 2014 Dedicated bioeconomy-strategy
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Bioeconomy definition under the strategy
The bioeconomy includes both the production of renewable biological resources and the use of those resources and residual streams. These are used in (for example environmental/biotechnological) processes and are processed into valuable products such as food, animal feed, (biobased) products and bioenergy. More specifically, the bioeconomy includes, among others, the following sectors: agriculture, forestry, fishing, the food industry, the wood-processing sector, the pulp and paper industry, the environmental technology sector, the construction and infrastructure sector, the energy sector and industrial sectors such as the textile industry, the chemical industry (including the pharmaceutical sector) and the biotechnology sector, and finally the end-user/consumer and the logistics sector (recycling and waste collection).

Additional definition
This is the vision and strategy of the Government of Flanders for a sustainable and competitive bioeconomy in 2030.

Bioeconomy-related strategies links
Name Year
Sustainable use and creation of value from renewable raw materials for biobased industrial production such as biomaterials and green chemicals in Flanders 2013