How do we treat messages you send us?


When you send us a message through this contact form, your personal data is collected only to the extent necessary to reply. Your data can be accessed by the team managing the Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre. It will not be disseminated outside the boundaries of these services. Upon submission of your message, the system automatically stores it and sends a copy of your request by e-mail to the Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre internal mailbox. The stored message will be erased within thirty working days, and its e-mail copy will be kept in the e-mail archives only as a reference for further correspondence / audit. It will be deleted after termination of the legal period for conservation of electronic documents. The reasons for using a contact form instead of providing you with an e-mail address are: avoid as much as possible robot-generated spam, allow you to send us a message without having to use an e-mail client.
If you have any questions about the processing of your e-mail or contact form request and related personal data, do not hesitate to include them in your message.
Please check also our legal notice on personal data protection in relation to the above.